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    August 12, 2006

    EXCLUSIVE: "Mastermind" of failed plane plot held in Pakistan,23599,20104646-2,00.html

    It seems that this guy may have been involved in the 7/7 killings also.

    The only picture they have is pretty rough, but I think I have figured out who it is.

    More to come. For other interesting news go HERE.

    Sheehan to the hospital.

    Cindy Sheehan was taken to the hospital friday. (Story)

    Just to get everyone up to date, Cindy has been on a hunger strike for about 37 days. No one is really sure exactly how her hunger strike worked, which is why the "about" is there. (See Michelle Malkin's site for a good timeline.)

    It seems that it was downgraded from a hunger strike to a liquid diet strike soon after it started. Ted Kennedy was quoting as saying, "You have to love that kid, but I've been on a liquid diet for years."

    Sheehan is back in stable (physically only we assume) condition, after doctors forced her to eat. "It was the easiest job I ever had.", said the doctor in charge.

    Cindy said she is ready to get back to stalking the president at his ranch in Crawford. "I am ready to go back on tour as a left wing puppet. Hopefully my hospital stay will get me back in the news enough so my liberal overlords won't cancel my tour dates like the Dixie Chicks."

    August 11, 2006

    Mexican Quake

    No, not a new video game, but an actual earthquake in Mexico.

    According to an undisclosed source,"Mexico is located on a floating piece of the earth's crust, with gradual changes in weight the ground shifts are so small you never notice them, but with American borders being so porous, the millions of 'workers' leaving mexico has caused the entire area to shift up, eventually mexico will be the tallest country in the world (also the least populated), and may at one point actually drift into space. We should probably expect more tremors."

    Liberals are undecided as to a course of action. On the one hand they want as many non-americans in the country to bolster their poll ratings (though it does little for elections), yet they don't want to be seen as weak on natural disasters.

    Nancy Pelosi was overheard discussing a way "to trade illegal aliens, I mean foreign workers, with the heads of big business to offset the imbalance." No one is sure if she actually meant just the heads.

    Squirrel attended Penguin training camp

    In a KP Cubed exclusive, it has been learned that the squirrel terrorizing Florida had attended a penguin training camp. "It seems the the squirrel (whose name is being with held as unpronouncable) attended a training camp located somewhere in antartica," said a local official investigating the incident.

    The squirrel had attacked several people, including children over the last month. It had also been seen randomly lobbing acorns into the populated areas of the park. "We are pretty sure the acorns where supplied by the penguins because of their type. We are still tracking down all the leads."

    A local man momentarily caught the squirrel, but was forced to let itgo when the authorities where unable to get an UN resolution signed in time after France ran away from itself. Finally, an elite team of park rangers was able to apprehend the suspect.

    The squirrel is now be held in a luxury dorm room with 3 meals a day and free healthcare, including a rabies check, as the Supreme Court has ordered.

    August 10, 2006

    Penguins Ralley in Houston

    After the tragic death of those brave anti-american penguins yesterday (Story), liberal american penguins took to the streets of Houston.

    The crowd chanted anti-war and anti-bush slogans for hours until they realized they were the only ones listening to themselves.

    One demonstrator said, "You saw what we did to Joe, we'll do it to them all." When reminded that Senator Lieberman was a democrat, he started into a Gibsonesque tirade.

    The leaders of the demonstration said they would be back, " soon as Daddy Soros" sent more mackerel.

    William Jefferson running again?

    This guy makes me cringe to be from this state.

    Jefferson Qualifies for Another Term; Explains Reasons for Running

    Qualifies? What exactly would you have to do to not qualify then?

    Five rivals line up for shot at seat

    Jefferson attributed the large field to the fact that he is facing a federal investigation.(What canny insight.)

    Here he is quoted as saying, "These folks have a lean and hungry look," Jefferson said. "They are looking for an opportunity; I don't think they will find it."

    Mr. Jefferson meet Mrs. McKinney

    The Democrats are taking easy pot shots at him now in New Orleans. The democrats on the hill took him out of his comittees.

    Mr. Jefferson meet Mr. Lieberman

    Joe at least had a chance as he was being attacked based on an issue, not on his criminal record.

    Do us all a favor Mr. Jefferson, drop out now and use your cold cash for your defence, not another run for a chance to take more bribes.

    CBS finally finds a president they like!!!!!

    Story or Here

    Mike Wallace (probably best known for his attack on New York's finest) came out of retirement this week to try and once again show that he still stands behind the president. The Iranian President that is.

    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke with Comrade Wallace about many anti-American subjects including the White House make-up artists, "Well, please look at the makeup of the American administration,...."

    President Ahmadinejad was quoted as saying, "Today is the era of thoughts, dialogue and cultural exchanges." For example, thoughts of Israels destruction, dialogue saying the holocaust never happened and exchanging rockets with the culture of Hezbollah.

    El Presidente Ah-mad-in-jihad also spoke of his disappointment with his 18 page letter being virtually ignored, "I tried so hard to stay within the lines.", he cried.

    Mike Wallace was quoted as saying, "...he's a rather attractive man, very smart, savvy, self-assured, good looking...". He then got this far away look in his eyes.

    Of course this isn't the first time Herr Wallace has courted Iranian royalty. Over the last fourty years he has acted as apoligist for the Shah, former President Hashemi Rafsanjani and, most famously, the 1979 sitdown with the Ayatollah Khomeini.

    The fully EDITED version of the interview will be this Sunday on 60 minutes, or as it is known in Iran, Al-Jazeera lite.

    Democrats win an election, kind of.

    For the first time in years democrats won at the voting booth. In a not-so-stunning upset Democrat Virgin Ned Lamont, who ran on a I am not Joe Lieberman platform, won a democratic primary.

    Yes, that's right folks all this media attention about what it means for the libs is based on voting in a DEMOCRATIC primary. And yet the left holds it as proof of what is to come later this year in mid-term elections.

    Ned Lamont was immediatley surrounded by the far left including Kerry, Kennedy, Clinton, the Reverends (Jesse and Al). What a surprise. All this shows is that the inmates ARE running the asylum.

    Joe Lieberman said he would run as an Independent rather than cut and run against his beliefs as the Libs wanted. The lashback was immediate as seen here at

    The only issue that seemed to be involved in this was the war in Iraq. Specifically that Joe supported it and Ned did what he was told by the Dems. One issue maybe enough to win a primary in a party that has no solutions, but I can hardly believe that it is enough to win an election where everyone (not just right-winged, blog lying, war hating, french loving, Ameriphobes) gets to vote.

    The only thing the left has done is show their hand to soon and probably lose a democratic seat to a now Independent Joe.

    August 09, 2006

    Penguins make escape attempt.

    Penguin freedom fighters in Houston attempted escape ( story here ) from an American Imperialist truck which was transporting them from their illegal hidden detention camp in Indianapolis to a center in Galveston which could better cater to their religious freedoms. The new facility, built specifically for penguins, gives them more floor room to kneel toward Antartica during times of prayer. It also has a built in firing range so they can keep their american killing skills honed for when the Supreme Court demands their release.

    After the UN wrote a paper saying, they thought there maybe unknown things where stuff might happen that American military perhaps knew what was going on, the DoD had no choice but move the penguins. "The UN really had us nailed to rights on that one." said a high ranking official who asked to remain anonymous as what he said problably isn't true.

    It is unknown why the penguins attempted to escape, though they kept yelling, "Death to all America." As they took random shots at non-burqued women. A liberal driving by was quoted as saying, "It really was our fault for allowing our way of life to interfere with their right to kill people. I had only hoped I would be shot and could die for their cause." We hope that too.

    Unfortunatley, four of the brave freedom fighting penguins died in the attempt. All those capitalist pigs which fought back are being brought up on murder charges for illegaly defending themselves. Those watchers who did not immediately bow to the penguins are being put on the democratic watch list to be persecuted when they take back power.

    Photoshop not needed

    Now these photogs have figured it out. It is much easier to stage the photograph than to try and change it later.

    I had no idea that Disney had such a following in the middle east. It must be from Euro-Disney as no self respecting Muslim would by something that would put money in the coffers of America.

    The fifth picture is done by Issam Kobeisi, Reuters or Issam Kobeisy. There is question now if he is not the same person as Adnan Hajj. The photographer fired for adding things to his pictures using the photoshop cloning tool. You can find info from Rusty Shackelford here (warning some very graphic pictures are there).

    It seems as though this is becoming an epidemic far beyond the bird flu. The media is accepting everything against Israel as being fact unless someone can prove it wrong. Not that it has been hard lately, but how many fake stories/pictures have gotten through, poisoning the mind of the public.

    We must remember that these images are going around the world too many places that do not have anyone watching out for the average person. Rather (not Dan) they have their own anti-Israel, anti-American agendas which these outright lies SEEM to prove.

    We can all feel good (and we should) about slapping down the MSM agencies and trying to bring a little truth back to reporting, but I fear the damage done in other parts of the world is beyond even our biggest blog.

    This maybe a local war, but the implications really do involve the world.

    August 08, 2006

    Giant Robot Imprisons Parked Cars

    Giant Robot Imprisons Parked Cars

    Yes, that is the title of the news story. I had so much hope when I read the headline, some Japanese robot going crazy and holding cars hostage until it received an extra helping of oil a day, with only Godzilla to save us all.

    A DoD robot threatening a parking lot unless him and the VW beetle he is in love with can just be left alone. And the world finding world peace between their international yet forbiddden love.

    But sadly not. It is a fight between a software company (Robotic Parking) and a local government (Hoboken, NJ). Basically, the government decided to quit paying the software company for the license to use the software. So the software stopped working when the old license wore off.

    I agree with this 100%. The software company needs someway to protect itself from non-payment. It was in the contract, it is not the software companies fault that it was simple, greedy, government-educated, elected people who signed the contract on behalf of the city.

    The problem I DO have here is there was no "one-way valve", so to speak. The software affected more than just the software company and the local government. It affected those who parked their vehicles there. They had no dog in this fight, yet they were punished when their vehicles where not allowed to leave. The individuals should have been able to retreive their cars, just not park anymore. This would allow the customers a way out, but would halt revenue to the government (the only good way to get their attention).

    For that I think both the government and the software company should be taken to task.

    Media for Money

    With the few moments not used by the media (and liberals) to number the dead in Iraq, the dead in Lebanon, the dead in afganistan and only if they have too (mainly to show the disproportianate amount) the dead Israeli's, they have started counting the dead here at home due to the "KILLER HEAT WAVE" sweeping across America (caused I am sure they think by President Bush's secret team of blow torchers melting the artic caps), which is blamed on global warming.

    (Warning Conspiracy Statement coming soon.)
    Is it coincidence that there is this great warming trend right after Al Gore's movie comes out? I think not. Once again the media is creating a panic to try to help their party and more importantly, MAKE MONEY!!!

    I know this sounds strnge a the left hates companies to make money and several even try to lose money (The New York Times is doing a great job). But that is really the goal of publishing. Sure if you could get a few facts right, use actual pictures and tell the truth about the positive things happening in the world it would be great, but that has to be secondary to the almighty dollar.

    Every summer there needs to be some big story to frighten the population into watching and reading the news and be damned if the facts will get in the way. Remember "THE SUMMER OF THE SHARK"? It was really Hype of the Shark.

    Now we find out this July is not the hottest ever but was second. Sure that means its hot, but if you look atthe chart the hottest July's seem pretty spread out, going back as far as 1901, the other thing to remember is that this is just since records where being kept. So it seems to me that this truly is just a cyclical event (like Ice Ages). To portay it any other way is only to promote your agenda, even if that agenda is the bottomline.

    August 07, 2006

    Reuters and News Bias

    Let us start this rant with a little good humor, to cleanse the palate of the mind before getting into the ugliness below.

    Disney World Hit By Israeli Bombs

    (credit to Frank J at I am still laughing at this today.

    Unfortunately, I could not allow this story to pass without comment. It amazes me that after Dan Rather people think they can still get away with shoddy news work. It's not even a good job of doctoring the photos. If you don't know what I am talking about let this shine some light into your cave.

    Little Green Footballs
    YNet News
    Drinking from Home

    Follow the link within those articles to find more doctored pictures. It is really hard to decide who to blame for these falsified documents. Sure you can start with the photographer himself. He obviously has an anti-Israel veiwpoint. But then he is really just shooting what he believes in, his passion so to speak, which makes him more an artist than a photojournalist, but are we really that surprised?

    We could blame the Hezbollah angents who taxied a dead body around town to be photographed by different news agencies. But he was just following orders.

    We could blame the photographers from the different news agencies for filming the pictures, but they where just trying to make a fast buck off the misery of people.

    I think the blame has to fall on the photo editors of Reuter's. They have the last say in what gets sent out and what doesn't. What is thier excuse? Oops, one got through. Oops, a second one got through? Oops, we have no idea what else is fake so we are going to get rid of all them (instead of allowing a third party to examine them.)

    One could ALMOST except the one getting by, but not the picture of the smoke. It is so obviously faked. My 18 month old daughter could do a better job than that. The photographer said it was the bad light he was working in and he was trying to get rid of dust spots. If he had that many dust spots he should retake the picture or give up photography.

    In this day of easily manipulated photos (some good like to get rid of red eye), we seem to have lost the ability to just take great photos. Anyone with a camera phone and photoshop can be a photojournalist, disseminating their false pictures and faultier veiw points.

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, then isn't a doctored picture just gibberish? And if not then what does it say about our news and OUR gullibility today.

    I think we all may need a STUPIDITY PILL!!!!! (Notice who ran the story).

    August 06, 2006

    New content tomorrow

    OK. I think I have got the sightlooking pretty good with minimal ads. Regular content starts tomorrow. Sorry for the ads, but read the unemployment entries and you can understand.

    Thank you and God bless us all.

    Kevin Porter