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    October 06, 2006

    Dumbest Quote of the Day

    "It seems clear that a guilty verdict will set off catastrophic violence" and that a death sentence would be even worse, Clark told a Washington press conference.

    The Clark is Ramsey Clark, a former US attorney general. Who is now an attorney for Saddam Hussein. Saddam’s guilty verdict and death sentence is what will set everything off.


    What incredible insight this man has.

    The religion of continual outrage kills a nun when a 15th century pope is quoted.

    Riots over cartoons.

    Riots over veils.

    Riots, kills and pillages all in the name of their fat, coward of a prophet – Mohammad.

    So I believe it is a safe bet to assume they will do the same over Hussein.

    Ramsey Clark you have a gift for the obvious.

    All Foley, All the time.

    You want it, you got it.

    Despite the fact that we still have an immigration problem.

    Despite the fact we are still at war in Iraq.

    Despite the fact that North Korea is getting ready to detonate a nuclear bomb.

    Despite the fact that their really is a big world out there where lots of things happen, that have nothing to do with Mark Foley.

    The people have spoken. They want nothing but Mark Foley. So here you go!

    Foley scandal subpoenas OK'd
    Ethics Inquiry to Look at House, Not Foley...
    FBI's Foley 'assessment' focuses on 21 year old staffer...
    Many conspirators seen behind scandal...
    ABC: 3 MORE EX-PAGES ACCUSE FORMER CONGRESSMAN OF ONLINE 'SEXUAL APPROACHES'...Page's family to media: Leave our 'hero' son alone...
    Panel Approves Subpoenas...
    Watchdog Group Disputes FBI's Claims on E-Mails...
    Dozens of subpoenas issued in Foley case
    Foley Scandal Investigations Heating Up
    US Speaker takes blame for Foley scandal
    Foley Scandal Investigations Heating Up
    Foley urged to name his alleged abuser
    Victims say Foley should name abuser
    Foley’s Smoke and Mirrors
    Advocates say Foley should identify clergyman he says abused him
    Foley hit on me in '97, says former page
    Tyson Vivyan, 26, Says He Got Foley IMs Beginning In 1997
    Former page comes forward about Foley
    Ex-Gay Group Speaks Out on Foley Scandal
    What If Mark Foley Were A Democrat?
    Foley no Studds
    The Foley Follies: What Can Be Learned From The History of ...
    'What troubles you most about the Mark Foley story?'
    Officials: Foley/Negron notice won't be in absentee ballotsSigns to Say Negron Will Get Foley Votes
    Foley out of race but his name is still in it
    Area Republicans won't hesitate to vote Foley/Negron
    Mark Foley's resignation saves Republican Party
    What if Mark Foley Were a Democrat?
    Payback time in Congress unless base backs Bush
    Mark Foley And Parental Notification Laws
    The Foley Scandal, in Perspective (7 Letters)Foley's harassment is a known fact
    In Praise of Foley
    The Real Foley Scandal is Much Bigger than Foley
    Foley case alters debate between conservatives, gaysFoley is no pedophile
    Foley sex scandal roils Congress
    It's Foley, not GOP
    Investigations opened into Foley sex scandalBush disgusted by Foley sex scandal
    Democratic leaders let candidates, outside groups take lead on ...
    Fresh e-mails worsen Foley scandal
    The Foley Scandal's Key LessonFoley, Clinton and the Return of the Politics of Personal ... Republicans blame everybody but Foley
    Limbaugh and Hastert baselessly suggested that Democrats ...

    Is that enough? Can we get back to life now?

    October 05, 2006


    Why? This is why.

    It seems the government is notifying businesses of employees whose Social Security Number DOES NOT MATCH their name. This is good to clear up any problems. For example, if you changed your name and did not tell the social security office, if you wrote the wrong number down by mistake. Lots of good honest reasons why your name may appear on the list. Oh yeah…


    Your name would appear on this list also.

    Evidently, it is this last reason that has the liberals so upset. Especially since some companies are using the info to clean up their employees and getting rid of those who do not belong in our country. Applebee's and Dunkin Donuts are the main two they want to boycott.

    They are calling on all their illegal brothers to stop eating at these places. It isn’t known how widespread the boycott will be as they made the request in English.

    So I say we should all eat at these places. Many people have called for businesses to be held responsible for hiring these border jumpers. So when a company is responsible, we should applaud and support them.

    I also believe the left is upset because without illegal SSN's, they lose a major part of their voting machine. Just a thought.

    October 04, 2006

    Gitmo Detainees Emulate Mohammad - Get Fat

    The poor detainees at Gitmo are being given too much food. In order too appease the religious nutjobs (and our liberal nutjobs), they are being given 4200 calories per day. This is so they have plenty of different items to select from, since they have special dietary considerations. They just seem to select everything. They are told not to eat it all, but I guess after spending the first 30 years eating sand three meals a day, they just can’t help themselves.

    One of the inmates is now over 400lbs.

    The report says that most came in slightly underweight, but now they are overweight. Even the guys who have been on a 100 day hunger strike are perfectly healthy and of the correct weight, because we feed them through a nose tube.

    It is not too surprising that these followers of Mohammad have become obese. It is a well known fact that Mohammad himself was a fatty. I suppose it is hard to stay fit when you are a coward hiding behind the people you have led.

    The liberals are complaining, now, because the fascist islamists at Gitmo are not getting enough exercise to work off the 4200 calories a day they are stuffing in their pie holes. Evidently they have never heard of push-ups or sit-ups.

    Personally I think their menu should consist of:


    Even their religion of death should allow that.

    PS. In case any Islamo-Fascists missed it in the story. Mohammad was a FAT COWARD.

    Illegal Alien/Rapist caught


    This goes to show what kind of “immigrants” are coming over our border. The guy tied up the husband, raped the wife, and then stole their truck.

    These are the type of people that the liberals are trying to protect.

    These are the type of people that get into the country because of no border security.

    This didn’t happen on a border state, or an agricultural state, it happened here in Shreveport. No place is safe.

    This guy wasn’t digging in the dirt doing jobs no American would do. He was roofing.

    I think the worst part of this story is the fact he was arrested for no driver’s license, and then released. Why? Why he was not held for being in the US illegally is beyond me.

    This guy is not an American citizen and should be shot immediately. Let the wife point him out, take him out back and shoot him.

    Maybe that would keep a few of the illegals at home.

    The guy who is an American citizen, the guy who hired the illegal, he should be put in jail. See how he likes being raped.

    October 03, 2006

    Mark Foley - Homosexual, pedophilic, predator

    The more I think about this guy the angrier I get. Regardless of which side of the political fence you come down on, you should be outraged that a public official used his power to try and have sex with boys. And when you get down to it, that is exactly what he was doing.

    The democrats seem to be missing the sex with boys issue in pure joy over being able to slam the republicans instead of actually coming up with ideas, and the republicans, well they just seem less worried about the children than the polls.

    There are even those which seem to condone his behavior. I got this comment from my story yesterday.

    “He's not that sick, since the page was not a child.Teenagers are not children. The law says as much in almost all countries where age of consent is typically 14-16. The indidividual states as well have lower ages of consent than the federal govt uses to define a “minor” for internet/telephone contact. Even in DC, age of consent is 16.In fact Foley did not commit a crime, because the age of consent in the jurisdiction is 16. Federal solicitation charges depend on the laws of the jurisdiction. There's no indication that he offered to pay for sex. Sexual harassment is also an unlikely charge because the page in question was not in his emply".joe 10.02.06 - 5:05 pm

    This was my reply:

    There is more still coming out about this guy. Including the fact that it wasn't a single incident with a single page. Also, though he was in Washington, the people he was contacting where in Florida and Louisiana. At least the one's we know of.We'll have to see what all the IM's where to determine which laws he broke. As for sexual harassment, why wouldn't it stick. A person in his position, with his supposed power, could coerce someone easily. I still stand by the fact that if he were not a politician, he would be in jail until they figured it out.

    I apologize for my response, which was severely lacking in proper outrage, anger and disbelief for what Joe said. So I would like to try it again here.


    You are a sick, sick person. Perhaps you also suffer from “alcoholism” which causes you to enjoy talking dirty with young boys.

    Teenagers ARE children. There is no way a 15 or 16 year old boy is emotionally prepared to deal with a homosexual, pedophilic predator, which is exactly what Mark Foley is.
    To even try to play this off as being in ANY way ok because “The law says as much in almost all countries where age of consent is typically 14-16.” Is disgusting beyond pale.

    “He’s not that sick.” At which point should we be upset then. When he starts to rape the pages.

    No one should ever use their power or influence to try and have sex, especially not with children. And as long as people like YOU Joe turn their head and say that its OK, then more and more people will think it is OK and will do it too.

    The morals of this great nation are being eroded away quickly enough without people destroying the lives of children and “teaching” them that this sort of behavior is allowed. Regardless of the fine line he may try to walk from the legal side he should be put in jail and left to rot for a very, very, long time.

    October 02, 2006

    Why is Mark Foley not in jail?

    The republicans are asking the AG to investigate the issue of Foley’s IM’s.

    The democrats are screaming for the republicans to all be investigated in case any of the top GOP knew about the dirty IM’s from Mark Foley to children.

    The democrats are claiming that the republicans where trying to keep it quiet until after the election so they would not lose a seat. If this is the case, they should resign themselves for putting politics before the safety of children.

    I do wonder though, how long the democrats knew about it before they broke the news. Washington is the worst place in the world to keep a secret. Once again the democrats have been saved by sudden discovery of wrongdoing by a republican so late in the campaign that the republicans can’t remove the name from the ballots. If they knew about it and waited, they should resign themselves for putting politics before the safety of children.

    Will we ever know? Nah.

    I really don’t think any of the politicians care. There will be lots of spin one way or the other. A few more headlines, then it will just be footnote, only brought up again next time someone does something with the pages.

    The sad part is this guy is a sick individual, using his position of power to harm children. Sure he resigned. Sure the FBI is investigating. But really why is his sorry ass not in a jail cell.

    The answer is simple and sad:

    The poor go to jail, the rich and famous go to rehab.

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