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    November 09, 2006

    The first 100 hours - government by redeployment

    1. Redeploy the troops out of Iraq (to the civilian field).
    2. Redeploy the taxpayers rebates (get rid of ALL rebates).
    3. Redeploy the economy (tax everyone into not spending).
    4. Redeploy the wealth (make everyone lower class).
    5. Redeploy the health field (socialized medecine, forcing people to go out of country to get treatment).
    6. Redeploy the illegal aliens (make them all citizens).
    7. Redeploy the constitution (give the power to the courts).
    8. Redeploy the President (impeachment, impeachment, impeachment).
    9. Redeploy the UN (let them vote on any laws for us).
    10. Redeploy Israel (JOOS, JOOS, JOOS).
    11. Redeploy Hugo Chavez (let him know he is right about Bush in a letter of apology).
    12. Redeploy North Korea (send more basketballs).
    13. Redeploy security (make it a crime to search an arab, build back the wall between the agencies, continue to deny that they hate us because of their religion not our actions).
    14. Redeploy the environment (stop all drilling anywhere, forcing us into more dependence on the countries that hate us).
    15. Redeploy religion (make any religion, except Islam, illegal).
    16. Redeploy the babies (make abortions mandatory).
    17. Redeploy the prisoners (make slaps on the wrist mandatory, before sending them back out).
    18. Redeploy education (get rid of all private schools and home schools).
    19. Redeploy the will of the people (do whatever we want).
    20. Redeploy the country (make sure the rest of the world finally hates us as much as we do).

    November 07, 2006

    Election Day - 12:01am

    12:01 am 11-7-2006...

    In pachouili filled rooms around the country, an unnatural screech starts to leave the lips of all the KOS kids. The screaming starts to get louder and louder, killing the silence of the night.

    With one voice the brain-washed (though un-washed) masses of baby liberals shout,


    Meanwhile in a blood soaked room somwhere in the liberal northwest...

    Pelosi, Dean, Murtha, Kerry and Reid step out of the pentagram drawn on the floor.

    "Well that should get the vote out." Pelosi said.

    "You know I don't remeber having to actually kill someone last time.", said Kerry.

    "We just added that for fun," said Dean ,"IAHHHAAAIIAHAHHH"

    Meanwhile in offices across the country...

    Lawyers open up the envelopes they had been given only a day after the last elections. Inside they find who they are supposed to sue and why. They start the paperwork to contest the elections anywhere the democrats lose.

    To be continued....