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    October 18, 2006

    sHillary's Baggage - YouTube

    This is by Nick Anderson at the Houston Chronicle.

    You had better watch it quick before YouTube removes it for being conservative.

    One really does have to wonder what the press will have forgotten by 2008.

    (H/T Momma cubed)

    October 17, 2006

    "Common Good" not so great!

    The Democratic Party has picked their catchphrase for the next election cycle, “Common Good”. This is supposed to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside about their “moral” ground being to help all people. You are not supposed to recognize it as the “Marxist” dream they have for the country.

    The liberals cry that the republicans have taken away rights in our fight against terrorism. However, their catchphrase is the antithesis of individual rights. The entire concept of “common good” is the destruction of individual rights (and religion by the way).

    The problem with the concept of “common good” is someone has to decide what that is. Who are the common, and what is good for them? In Russia this resulted in a very poor class and a very rich “ruling” class. No middle class. This is exactly what the socialist left wants to do in America as they would set themselves up as our keepers.

    They want to take away from all who do not agree with them and set-up government programs to run everything. They would take more of MY money (by repealing “raising” taxes). They would keep social security (where they have control of the money and how much you get) instead of private accounts (where you have control). They would continue to have the government support those who will not work instead of leaving that for charitable organizations.

    All these “social” programs will require more and more of our money. All these “social” programs will continue to keep poor people poor, and force others into poverty. They would take away all reasons to work hard and try to improve your life.

    Think I am taking this socialism thing to far? Do you remember who it was that said it takes a village? Yep. sHillary Clinton. If that is not a socialist statement I don’t know what is. Her baby Bolshevik theology needs to be kept at the fore of all reports about her. We need to have a socialist filter that explains what she thinks to be a clever turn of phrase into the socialist propaganda it is. Remember she will be heading the country in two years.

    Looking past the liberals foreign policies of cut and run and appeasement, we need to listen clearly to what they have planned for us here at home. The only good thing that could come from the leftists policies is the anti-immigration that will take place after they make us a third world country.

    Remember THAT when you decide if you’ll vote and who’ll you vote for.

    Right Truth asks "Have the Democrats lost the Jewish vote with 'common good'?"