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    August 25, 2006

    U(seless)N still unable to gete troops to Lebanon

    France now says that 15,000 troops are too many. I’ll remind you, they helped draft the August 11 Security Council resolution that called for the troops. They then said they would only send 200 troops, despite their promises of more. So two weeks after the resolution, the
    U(seless)N is still trying to get people to go.

    “The number was "completely excessive", Chirac told a news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Paris. "It doesn't really make sense. So what is the right number, 4,000, 5,000 or 6,000? I don't know," he said. (I'll remind you again, THEY helped draft the resolution.)

    So Chirac, what do you know?

    Chirac said the blockade was "extremely prejudicial to the economy and life in Lebanon, and in my view quite unjustified".

    This in response to Israel saying they would continue to stop Syria (Iran Jr) from re-arming Hezbollah, until the U(seless)N troops where in place.

    Is that really surprising that Israel would continue to protect itself? They have been saying it all along. They have not wavered from it. The only people backing out of promises are the French.

    They wanted so bad to be thought of as a world power, but didn’t realize they would have to actually back up what they said.

    Not to be outdone in their lack of understanding about the situation in the Middle East, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said, "At the moment we are seeing some very unconstructive signals from Syria.”

    What did they expect?

    The U(seless)N still thinks that writing something down fixes the problem. When will they learn?

    Mayor Nagin Disses New York and 9/11

    (Originally posted at KP Cubed-LA)

    Mayor “Chocolate City” Nagin Disses NYC for 9/11

    In an interview with CBS Mayor Nagin says, “"That’s alright. You guys in New York can’t get a hole in the ground fixed and it’s five years later. So let’s be fair."

    This after being asked about, “… flood-damaged cars in the street and a house washed partially into the street.”

    There has been much talk recently about New Orleans lackluster performance in the rebuilding process, or even the clean-up process as compared to Mississippi or those affected by the tsunami. With the 5th anniversary of 9/11 coming, I don’t think he could have used a worse analogy. More people died in the attacks on the towers than died in New Orleans, yet Nagin makes a comment which only shows his inability to do anything. Instead of defending what has been done or coming forward with what his administration is doing to change the facts, he lashes out at New York.

    His frustration is understandable. Living in a corrupt city within a corrupt state can really tie your hands, especially when you have them both in one cookie jar or another. Maybe after the Mayoral election, New Orleans will have the leadership she deserves as one of the finest cities in the world, or at least someone with less embarrassing quotes.

    With his main core of voters driving the crime rate in Houston up, I don’t think we have to worry about another term. Luckily, Nagin does not speak for the citizens of New Orleans that are trying to rebuild, despite the governments help, but I think I speak for most of New Orleans when I say,


    August 24, 2006

    Shreveport Bus Driver Racist?

    (This post was originally posted at KP Cubed-LA)

    Woohoo. We made the Drudge Report. Oh wait. It’s for supposed racist behavior.

    The Shreveport Times reported Thursday that, “Nine black children attending Red River Elementary School were directed last week to the back of the school bus by a white driver who designated the front seats for white children.”

    Wow. I don’t know what to say about that. Yes, I do. NOTHING.

    There are no facts out in the case yet. We have heard nothing from those investigating the bus driver, yet already the NAACP is condemning the ENTIRE school district as racist. I have no doubt that Jesse and Al are on their way here as I write this. And with them and their rhyming tirades, we will lose sight of what happened. Regardless of what the final outcome of the story is or any mitigating circumstances, the story has been written. Shreveport will be branded racist.

    With the tiny attention span of the public and the agenda driven reporting of news agencies, there will be little follow up to the actual story. However, I can guarantee that the Black mayoral candidates will make this the number one issue in the election. Warning all black people that by voting for a white person, they are sending their own kind back 60 years.

    Might as well get the pack out, the race card is coming.

    August 23, 2006

    Shreveport Mayoral Race

    Ok. So the race is set. We have 11, yes 11, people running for Mayor here in Shreveport. It seems to be a fairly diverse group, including different races, genders, economic backgrounds, and experience. Most of these people I have never heard of, some of them, like Ed Bradley, I have heard of too much (his talking points on the TV where horrible).

    So if I had to vote today, I would have no idea about any of them. I am assuming there are other people out there like me, so let’s do a little research together about each candidate. If I miss (or misrepresent) any info about someone, PLEASE let me know. I want this to be as factual as I can make. Also, if there are specific issues you want to know about, let me know that too. Hopefully we can collect enough data to make a truly informed decision, no matter our politics.

    I will be updating this often as I collect more information.

    Here are the candidates:

    Arlena Acree – current city economic development director - Republican
    Vernon Adams – Retied banker - Republican
    Madjun Ali - ? – No party affiliation
    Ed Bradley – former TV executive - Democrat
    Cedric Glover – State representative - Democrat
    Jerry Jones – Attorney - Republican
    Max Malone – State Senator - Republican
    Liz Swaine – Former Mayoral Assistant - Democrat
    Wilson McMullan - ? – No party affiliation
    Henry Hodge-Bey – drug and acohol counselor – No party affiliation
    Tim Goeders - film- and movie-production company owner - Republican

    There you have it. I included websites where possible.

    Let the research begin. By the way here is a poll about the race already. I know nothing about the actual accuracy of it, but it does show Jerry Jones with a good lead. However, from what I have read, noone thinks a candidate will get enough votes and most people are planning on a run off in November.

    August 22, 2006

    Thomas Frank is a rube!!!!

    G.O.P. Corruption? Bring In the Conservatives

    Thomas Frank is a lying, self-centered, gun for hire of the liberal party.

    What an idiot!!!! He is basically saying that more government is a good thing. Anyone that actually works for living and sees their W2’s would have to disagree.

    “The true scoffer demands sterner stuff, though, and in the cold light of economic science he can see that government is not merely susceptible to corruption; government is corruption, a vile profaning of the market-most-holy in which some groups contrive to swipe the property of other groups via taxation and regulation.”


    The socialist (read democratic) party is doing that exactly. Taking property from people because they can make more taxes from their friends business.

    Government is way out of control, whether Liberals or Conservatives. Both have been BOUGHT by contributors to their campaigns. Let’s look at Lamont. He won a Primary because of a single issue. Not one that would help create jobs, not one that would even bring socialist medicine, but purely on the fact that Lieberman backed the war. That’s it. Ask him about the tax relief he has gotten from the ‘evil’ conservatives while making his millions. Well that’s not an issue for him as it puts money in his pocket.

    Come on….

    He ran not on anything that the he believes in, but on something that the far leftist bloggers thought was important from their seats of power drinks and chocolate bars. As long as those running for power base all their decisions on purely what gets them money and elections, nothing will change. All politicians can be bought.

    By blaming all corruption on the conservatives he shows his absolute disregard of the facts and his obvious agenda. It makes one question who bought him off.

    “The ideas I am describing are basic building blocks of the conservative faith.”

    Or liberal. The liberals may believe they are of the people, but their ideas do nothing more than enslave the lower class. They want to do away with the middle class all together. They want those in government that are rich and those they keep poor with their socialist agenda.

    Look at New Orleans. Look at any inter-city. The programs brought forth by Libs do nothing but keep the poor down, and take more money from the rich, while giving themselves raises so they stay in the latter group. Give it up.

    The conservatives and the current government may not be perfect, but at least I have a chance of living the American dream. With your silly ideas, I have to rely on your poll based socialist ideas.

    I think I will trust myself.

    Hezzabollah and Iran Counterfeiting?

    Ok. So I seem a little late on this this afternoon. So here’s the basic scoop. Many people believe the money being used to rebuild Lebanon by Hezbollah is fake. I wouldn’t put it past any of them. Here are the many links with pics.

    Michelle Malkin

    Snapped Shot

    Little Green Footballs

    Hot Air

    Those pages have many updates and links to other pages.

    Like I said, I don’t have any problem believing the money may be fake. I know for a fact the pictures are staged, as Hezbollah is very media savvy. Unfortunately, some of the jumps made so far are a little to far. For example the pics showing the seal in different spots. Here are 4 bills I took out of my freezer stash:

    Notice the seal is different in each. The signature is also different so I grabbed a large sampling and the seal is in different place even amongst ones with the same signatures.

    What does it mean? Who knows. I have no problem believing that Iran can put its hands on the money. They are trying to be very "clever"using American money as opposed to Lebanese currency. Updates as I find them.

    August 20, 2006

    Steorn Breaks the Law

    ….of thermodynamics. Free Energy

    A Dublin based internet company has evidently figured out how to create “free energy” while playing with magnets and windmills.

    They decided the best way to let the world know was by taking out an ad in the Economist, that journal of scientific integrity. "We chose it over a purely scientific magazine simply because we want to make the general public aware that this process is about to commence and to generate public support, awareness, interest etc for what we are doing." The ad basically challenges for 12 physicists to prove them wrong. I think the key word in the quote is “support", as in monetary.

    "We fully accept there is going to be cynicism surrounding this but what we're saying to the world of science is come and prove us wrong," said Steorn Chief Executive Sean McCarthy

    Cynicism? How about laugh out loud disbelief.

    Though breakthroughs in science have been made by accident in the past, this whole set-up smells to me. It seems more like an attempt to get investors than anything.

    Let’s look at their website.

    When you first arrive they want you to “sign up” with your e-mail address to receive the results. Though they promise to never sell it that does not stop them from using it internally, and the promise is just set out there, I did not see a privacy policy. Remember, they started out as an internet company. What better way to develop a list of e-mail addresses for later sales use.

    They also state, “Our technology has been independently validated by engineers and scientists - always off the record, always proven to work.”
    Always off the record? Why? Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this?

    If you look at their Press Releases section, it has 4 items; all dated the same day, including one about a Christmas party.

    The whole set-up is way to slick an ad campaign, even down to the part were they will give the technology away for free to poor third world countries.

    If you say can run a car or phone or whatever off this thing forever, then do it. Until then, I’ll stay cynical.

    As a side note on the Reuters story, “The concept of "free energy" -- which contradicts the first law of thermodynamics that in layman's terms states you cannot get more energy out than you put in -- has divided the scientific community for centuries.” I wasn’t aware of the great thermodynamic law divide. You may want to put a little more research into your stories than you do your pictures.

    Andrew Young: Racist or Realist?

    Andrew Young in an interview with the Los Angeles Sentinel, an African-American newspaper, said, “Well, I think they should; they ran the 'mom-and-pop' stores out of my neighborhood," he told the Sentinel, the oldest and largest black-owned weekly newspaper in the West."But you see those are the people who have been overcharging us — selling us stale bread, and bad meat and wilted vegetables. And they sold out and moved to Florida. I think they've ripped off our communities enough. First it was Jews, then it was Koreans and now it's Arabs, very few black people own these stores." , this in response to a question about replacing mom and pop stores in neighborhoods with Wal-mart, who he worked for.

    Racist? Yes.

    Helpful? No.

    Insightful? Only about him.

    A very good article is here. It describes the fact he was removed from the UN after calling the British the original racists. Though I have also read it was because of an un-authorized secret meeting with the PLO (this article by the NYT is actually pretty good and seems to be lacking the usual slant).

    Evidently he believes, as many African-American leaders do that racism is a one-way street, and ONLY African-Americans can be the recipient of it. In his defense he did apologize and resign, but it will be interesting to see if there is any real outcry about it, or as so often happens, he is given a pass.

    Doomsday for Israel????

    (I moved this to its own post from the roundup)

    Doomsday for Israel?

    Do a search for "Night of the Sira’a and Miira'aj". The basic thought is the 21st -22nd is a very special day for Islam. That is the day that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said he would answer the U(seless)N on their nuclear program. Some people think that with his continuing threats against Israel, his obvious instability, and the “illuminating the night sky over Jerusalem” comment, he is planning on a nuclear attack.

    Update. Looks as though Iran is attempting to explain troop movement to the rest of the world? War games or war on Israel?

    Update 2. Now they are testing missiles. Though the missiles range is not far enough to reach Israel, I do find it interesting that the are called "lightning". Lightning does illuminate the night sky. Fired from Lebanon, they would reach deep into Israel.

    (UPDATED) Curse of the Unamed Sources

    I am going to start keeping track of how many "unamed sources" are used in articles. Starting with this one.

    Officials: U.S. blocked missiles to Hezbollah

    What troubles me most is this statement, "...They did not want their names used because they were not authorized to discuss the incident."

    Then why were they discussing it. Isn't that illegal?

    Official: Government won't enter church

    The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because it is against ICE policy to discuss operational matters, said the Arellano case carries "no more priority than any of the other 500,000 fugitives nationally."

    He should be put in jail then for discussing it.