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    October 25, 2006

    Will President Bush pardon border patrol?

    I originally reported in this here. I guess we have an update both good and bad.

    First off the bad news –

    “U.S. District Court Judge Kathleen Cardone in El Paso, Texas, sentenced Jose Alonso Compean to 12 years in prison and Ignacio Ramos to 11 years and one day despite a plea by their attorney for a new trial after three jurors said they were coerced into voting guilty in the case.” (From WorldNetDaily).

    Now the good news –

    A dozen members of the House of Representatives have written to President Bush demanding an investigation of the case against two Border Patrol agents sentenced to 11 and 12 years in prison for the pursuit and shooting of a drug smuggler and calling for a presidential pardon of the pair.”


    They should have stepped up before and stopped this trial from ever taking place. I have not heard anyone that thought they where guilty, except the drug smuggler, the DA and three coerced jurors.

    If a man is shot while committing a crime, then that’s should just be part of the risk. He should not be able to get off scott free AND put in jail those who tried to stop him.

    Are there bad shootings? Sure.
    Are there bad cops? Sure.

    But I have not seen or heard anything that this was either of those. If it was bad then we have ways of dealing with that, but to let the smuggler get away with no punishment is unconscionable.

    We need to stay on top of this and make sure the house members (and President Bush) follow through. We have to put a stop to the self-hating Americans who;

    Demand soldiers be brought on murder charges for killing the enemy in war, while then screaming for the rights of the enemies who killed and will kill again (given the chance) innocent Americans and civilians, and punish those people who attempt to protect us from the invasion coming across our borders.

    If we do not stop them, our jails will be filled with soldiers and cops, and our streets with illegals and terrorists.