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    July 27, 2006

    Naughty Children


    The fight for media time is ramping up.

    1. Iran refuses to adhere to the UN(-)nuclear inspectors.
    2. North Korea fires missiles because the world is paying attention to Iran.
    3. Hamas kidnaps a soldier to grab the headlines from Iran.
    4. Hezbollah then kidnaps TWO soldiers so as not to be outdone (Syria and Iran get there names mentioned too).
    5. Now Al-Quaeda squeaks up as they are no longer the bad boys on the block.

    I guess it is North Korea's turn again.

    It really shows what is behind all this fighting. They claim it is religion or land or power, but it is really just a bunch of spoiled little boys crying for attention. Obviously their dads where too busy suppressing the women to give them a good spanking.

    I guess that leaves it up to us.

    God Bless the USA and God Bless Israel.

    Dirty Bomb?????

    Bomb Hits Detegent Factory.

    The dirty bomb joke is just too easy. Whoever comes up with the best (or worst) jokes will get it posted on the site.

    Unemployment - Day Four

    There is nothing so wonderful (or fulfilling) as being able to spend the day with my daughter. Chasing her around. Making her laugh. Trying to teach her words.

    Just a quick (maybe) update on my pay situation.

    The federal labor department says all they can do is help me get help from the state labor department. The state labor department says I probably have a good case, but they can't do anything to help me. I have to sue, then if I win I can get the money owed me, court costs, lawyer fees and upto an additional 90 days pay. However -

    "The Louisiana Department of Labor does not have the authority to enforce this law."

    Of course, if I lose then my time and money is gone. I may still have one option left. The company does not know how to do a lot of the things I created while there, I tried to show them for my two weeks, but they never really believed I was leaving. They had total denial. A friend of mine said, "You can't reason with a man with no reason." I agree. Here is a brief synapses of my last two weeks, you decide wether the behavior is normal or not.

    July 5th - Turn in my two weeks.

    July 6th - Received e-mail requesting why, responded with lack of pay, being cussed out, the fact that my job description had changed (since they lost another person for not paying him on time I had to take over his duties, plus keep my own, then get yelled at for things not being done fast enough), etc.

    July 6th - Received ranting e-mail explaining how everything was my fault or I was lying about incidents that never happened.

    July 6th - Created list of 30 reasons he gave in e-mail why they where better off without me (he did not find the humor in it.)

    July 7th - 19th - Continued working as though nothing happened. They behaved as though I was not leaving at all, that this was some sort of trick I was using, I continued to let them know I was actually leaving and they might want to try and learn some of the things I was supporting. They didn't.

    July 19th - I was asked at the meeting wether I had a new job yet (unfortunatley no as a prospective job fell through.) He said "So we will continue on as normal for now then." I said "NO, I am leaving the company." I think at this point in time is when it finally clicked that I was leaving. I requested my check (for June 16th-30th that was due me on July 15th). I was told he did not know the status of it.

    July 20th - Was told I did not know anything about business, everything was my fault and there was no way I would be getting any money from them. I answered 2 support calls as they still had a line being forwarded to my home number.

    July 21st - Went to the office to get all the paperwork showing what they said they owed me and what they said I owed them. The numbers where amazingly close, with me only $79 in the red. Of course, though they knew I was coming, the paperwork was not ready. So I got an hour and a half of why everything was my fault. Followed by the fact that I had done such a wonderful job over the last 4 years that the company was ahead $40,000 this year and everyone was getting a $3/hr raise.

    July 24th - Received e-mail asking me to work a trade show in Birmingham for him and come into the office and build a new distribution system for the company. They won't pay me what they owe me, but want me to do more work for them?

    July 26th - They still have not changed the line which is forwarded to my house, I don't answer it anymore.

    July 27th - After typing it all down, I can't help but believe I made the right decision.

    Sure it's gonna be tough, but some things (probably most) are more important than money.

    Whatever of the Day for Thursday

    Scripture of the Day: Now Saul's daughter Michal was in love with David, and when they told Saul about it, he was pleased.
    1 Samuel 18:20

    Quote of the Day: "There are those who claim our strength is inadequate to protect on both fronts, that we cannot divide our effort. I can think of no greater expression of defeatism."
    General Macathur

    Stalker of the Day: Cindy Sheehan

    July 26, 2006

    Saddam's New Diet

    Poor, poor Saddam. Worried about how he looks after being forced to eat imperialistic munchies such as cheetos and soft drinks has been attempting to slim down with his new Bagdad diet:

    After years of research with prisoners in Iraq, Saddam began to notice a trend. The longer he left them in a dark hole with no food, the more weight they lost. Always one to try new things, He put himself on a self-imposed diet in which he ate and drank nothing.

    Several news agencies have remarked on how much slimmer he appears nowdays.

    If a jury of his peers properly conduct themselves then Saddam said he would try the next step in his diet which includes a bullet to the head.

    I for one say we shouldn't make the man wait on this important medical research and go ahead and shoot him now.

    Whatever of the Day for Wednesday

    Scripture of the Day: Even a child is known by his actions, by whether his conduct is pure and right.
    Proverbs 20:11

    Least Surprising News of the Day: Lance Bass is gay!!!!!

    July 25, 2006

    Whatever of the day for Tuesday

    Joke of the Day: (Heard on O'reilly) q: How many liberals does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
    a: It doesn't matter they will never see the light!

    Site of the Day: (Found while hitting the Next Blog button)

    Scripture of the Day: (Using Bibliomancy) He said to me, "Son of man, stand up on your feet and I will speak to you"
    Ezekiel 2:1

    Unemployed - Day Two

    Well I haven't made $5000 from the web yet, but I did figure out how to put Google ads here.

    I took my daughter to get shots this morning at the local health unit ($10 vs $255 at a pediatrician). Of course, there is a price to be paid for saving money. I got there at 8:05 in the morning to try and avoid most of the crowd. I was number 5, 30 minutes later they called number 1, 30 minutes later they called number 5. Woohoo, only an hour wait. 30 seconds later they told me they did not know why the doctor (the $255 one) said she needed shots as she was good until '09. Well at least it didn't cost me anything, like time away from work.

    During the day we watch Noggin, which has quite a few decent shows (with some exceptions). For example, Dora the Explorer is not allowed in the house (and her little monkey Boots too).

    Oswald just freaks me out with a dachsund that looks like a hot dog and is named "Weenie".

    Then there is Maisy. The characters don't talk, just make noises at you. They have a crocodile (Charlie) who is obviously retarded and they make fun of him, my daughter laughs everytime he comes on the screen.. Then finally they have the most inane story lines. I realize the shows are for pre-schoolers so I do give them leeway, however, todays episode was the worst. The episode was about the squirrel wetting his pants. Allow me to repeat that:


    It didn't try to hide the fact, didn't try to be clever about. It spent 5 minutes with the announcer going "Do you have to go now?" Then followed by a large dark stain forming on the front of the squirrels trousers. I swore I was watching a cartoon on SNL.

    The website says, "Along with her animal friends, Maisy enjoys simple adventures like going to a farm or sailing a boat or making music. Every day the friends try new things and make new discoveries."

    The writers are sitting around going, "Hmmm what fun adventures shall we have today?"
    "We could go camping."
    "Did that."
    "How about learning to swim."
    "Did that."
    "Well I guess we could have someone pee themselves......"

    My daughter and I are spending more time outside tomorrow.

    UN official shows common sense (sure to be fired).

    In a surprise move, Jan Egeland (the UN(-)Humanitarian Chief), actually spoke the truth about the Hezbollah terrorists and showed common sense:,2933,205352,00.html

    It was quickly followed by the official anti-semetic UN stance of "disproportionate force" by Israel. I for one do not think it will be enough to save his job. The UN is very strict about its members thinking independently, unless it involves illegal activities.

    So to help support this poor UN(-)official (whose financial stability is sure to be in jeopardy once he is fired and the kick backs stop) I have decided to start a pool as to which day he gets fired.

    $5 a square with half the winnings going to the person who picks the closest date and half the winnings going to this brave UN(-)official.

    July 24, 2006


    So this is the first day of my self imposed unemployment. I quit my last job working with Point-of-Sale software due to the owner. I would say more (and probably will in the future), but there will probably be a lawsuit over the fact he won't pay me the last 6 (yes 6) weeks pay. Needless to say this puts my family and I in quite the pickle.

    The original plan was to take the $1200 he owes me, pay the rent a month ahead and take some time to work on some website ideas I had and start on a service program in VisualBasic I was mapping out. I was also going to get to spend some quality time with my 17 month old daughter and take the the first few days I have had off in over 4 years (I was on call 24/7).

    Now I am just unemployed, broke, and starting a blog that will follow my unemployment experience. Hopefully this will be a short blog that will morph into "How I make $5000 a week using the internet!", but we will have to see about that.

    If anyone has any bad work/bad boss stories, please feel free to tell them. Or if someone has any great ideas for starting a home based business, I'll take that info too.

    So welcome to KPCubed!!!!!!!!!