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    August 30, 2006

    Salt Lake City Mayor leads protest against American Legion


    I can understand the mayor allowing a protest. I can even allow for a mayor to go to a protest. But actually organizing the protest in his own town, seems way over the line.

    We shouldn’t be too surprised that Mayor Rocky Anderson would do exactly that though. He has accused the President of lying and called the President a "complete disaster."

    "No more God-is-on-our-side religious nonsense," Anderson said at the rally, absorbing waves of cheers and applause from the thousands of protesters as he called Bush a "dishonest, war-mongering, human-rights violating president."

    They actually voted for this guy. Luckily, there is no way someone such as this will get any further along the political track. After his mayoralship, he can join Cindy Sheehan, (who cited health reasons for not showing up, pretty bad when you even make her sick.)

    These are some of the people he brought together.

    Same guy different sign

    Hmmmm. Condi as a Vampire? I wonder where this clever man gets his ideas?
    (Click for bigger picture!)

    Oh yeah. Just ask the peace loving Hezbollahs about her. They have a keen insight.

    Michelle Malkin has some more info HERE

    SotD - Isaiah 1:1

    The vision concering Judah and Jerusalem that Isaiah son of Amoz saw during the reigns of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah, kings of Judah. - Isaiah 1:1

    August 28, 2006

    Liberals have fewer funds than ideas

    The libs are up in arms about the lack of funding coming in from 527’s this mid-term election. Especially their old friend George Soros, who is running away from donating quicker than the dems run from the issues.

    Chicago Congressman Rahm Emanuel, who leads the Democrats' efforts to retake the House and Senate, is criticizing two of his party's leading allies - George Soros and - for spending too little on the midterm elections.
    “MoveOn goes into four districts, advertises, does a great job in each of those districts, and they literally moved on.”

    I wonder why? It could be that despite the enormous amounts of money pored into the campaigns, they still loss. Now we all have to remember that 527’s and the political parties they sponsor are not allowed to strategize with each other. Yet Emanuel acts as though they are a big part of the dems strategy.

    I guess he will have to fall back on the far-left bloggers that helped Lamont win a primary.

    This shows that the libs are relying on a very small part of their base. When two (yes just two) groups fold up their tents and go home the libs are ripping them in the press.

    I love to watch the libs fight among themselves. They are continually alienating those who vote for them and those who pay for them.

    I guess hope flows endlessly, unfortunately for the dems, Soros’ pockets don’t.

    U(seless)N head demands Hezbollah to free captives

    Annan Demands Hezbollah Free Israelis

    Way to go Coffee or Kofi or Fifi....

    Annan said he was renewing his "call for the abducted soldiers to be free," and
    urged Hezbollah to transfer them to the Lebanese government "or a third party"
    under the auspices of the international Red Cross.
    "We, the U.N., will be
    prepared to play a role if we are required to do so. And I offer our services,"
    he said.

    What? Could you repeat that?

    "We, the U.N., will be prepared to play a role if we are required to do so.
    I offer our services," he said.

    Isn’t the U(seless)N supposed to be running this show? They are the ones
    signing papers and shuffling papers and begging for people to go to

    Annan also urged Israel to lift its blockade on Lebanon. "I'm working with them
    and a number of international partners to see to it that this is done," he

    Oh, now I understand. He is working with Israel and others to “see to it that this is done”. But if Hezbollah WANTS to do something then he is available.

    I am sure Noz still has his number.

    Jimmy Carter claims Tony Blair is Bush monkey

    Now Jimmy blames Britain being in Iraq on Bush.

    "It's a shameful and pitiful state of affairs, and I hold your British prime minister to be substantially responsible for being so compliant and subservient," Carter said.

    Jimbo basically says that British Prime Minister Tony Blair is a puppet of Bush. My how this mans mind works is beyond.

    He just cannot believe that someone else saw the facts as they were and made a decision based on them. Then kept his promise and carried it out.

    I know this is a hard concept Herr Carter, but please try to understand that not all people are cynical, ineffectual bastards such as you. There is not always a sinister plan behind what happens. People are not always saying things trying to hide how Bush was somehow involved in every evil thing that ever happened.

    Sometimes, people tell the truth, do the right thing and what you see is what you get. I know it isn’t as exciting as this fantasy world you are trying to create, but please, for all our sake, get back on the meds.

    Sen. Biden proud of slave state heritage


    "You don't know my state," he said. "My state was a slave state.”

    This was in response on how well he would do in the Democratic Primary for president in the southern states.

    Exactly how does he think that will help him? Does he think that fact that his state is was a slave state will somehow endear him to southerners? And which southerners is he trying to get?

    The liberal party has always touted the fact that they “help” the black community with their socialist agenda (though we all know it is simply a ways to keep them in poverty and under the democrats control), yet, when it might help him in an election he pulls out this fact as though it is something to be proud about. He said this while traveling through South Carolina.

    A few days earlier, he was encouraging support for historically black colleges in Greenville. (Story)

    This shows the how many democrats campaign and unfortunately vote. They attempt to say whatever is needed to keep them in office, instead of following their principles.

    August 27, 2006

    Senator Obama visits Africa

    Sen. Obama visits poor in Nairobi slum

    "Everybody in Kibera needs the same opportunities to go to school, to start businesses, to have enough to eat, to have decent clothes," he said over a megaphone as hundreds of cheering people surrounded him.

    What about your voters back home?

    A Growing Poverty Trend Earns Illinois the Unfavorable Distinction of Being the Worst in the Midwest

    I appreciate his caring for other countries and other people, but shouldn’t he be taking care of Americans first? Shouldn’t he be taking care of those people who voted him into office?

    "I love all of you, my brothers _ all of you, my sisters" Obama told them. "I want to make sure everybody in American knows Kibera. That's why we have all the news crews."

    Really? The news crews are their to educate us Americans about them, or maybe they are their because you saw it as a good photo-op.

    I’m sure the people back in Illinois appreciate the sentiment.

    Once again a liberal’s action speaks louder than his words. And once again a liberal has put other people and other countries ahead of America.

    Feds optimistic that New Orleans is storm-ready

    Feds optimistic that New Orleans is storm-ready


    "The levees are back to where they were pre-Katrina, and they're on their way to being the best, better and stronger then they have ever been.”

    This said by Don Powell, President Bush's Gulf Coast coordinator. Well if they are pre-Katrina then they are NOT ready. The fact that they are on the way "to being the best" implies they are NOT ready.

    Of course, Katrina is back in the news with the approaching anniversary and the development of a new storm, Ernesto, which may or may not even being head towards New Orleans.

    “The U.S. Army Corps, which says it repaired and reinforced 220 miles of levee walls, has been closely monitoring the storm, which could hit soon after the anniversary of Katrina.” (From USA Today story)

    That’s all fine and good, but I don’t think it begins to solve the bigger problem that affected New Orleans. Sure the storm was bad, the flooding was horrible, but Nagin trying to run the city from Dallas is unforgivable. The local government is where the real failure took place.

    By this time we have all seen the pictures of school buses sitting parked. The fact it took Governor Blanco days to ask for federal help. The lack of any sort of actual disaster plans for the city.

    Though they have tried to put all the blame on the federal government, city and state are really to blame. After spending years busing poor people to the polls to stay in power, Nagin was unable to bus people out of danger. I wonder how it would have been if it had been an election year?

    Until we get these people out of office, New Orleans will never be “storm-ready”.

    (Originally posted at KP Cubed - LA)