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    December 08, 2006

    Global Warming Hearings

    Washington, D.C.

    "Ok Dr. Logicus, you're saying there is not a problem with global warming, is that correct?"

    "Yes, Senator."

    "And what proof do you offer?"

    "If you look at the weather trends over the last 200 years..."

    "I don't know anything about weather trends doctor, if you really are one, but the weather channel has a show about it. Are you claiming you know more than TV?"

    "Well. Yes. I guess if you put it that way. Anyways. If we go back the last few thousand years, we see we are actually coming out of a mini ice age."

    "So you're saying there were mammoths a few years ago? What are you a creationist?"

    "No, I am saying an ice age? No mammoths."

    "Well which is it?"

    "Let's move on, Senator"

    "Fine then, what about all the devastating hurricanes this year because of global warming?"

    "What hurricanes? There where no devastating hurricanes! The season was extremely calm!"

    "They predicted hurricanes, are you saying they didn't happen? And what about the articles on DailyKOS describing the fact that the earths temperature has risen 480 degrees since the start of the War in Iraq due to gas guzzling republicans, the jews, and stolen elections in 2000?"

    "I really have no idea what you are talking about, Senator."

    "And YOU claim to be the expert? You're dismissed Doktor. Next I call Nancy Pelosi as the expert to prove global warming. Speaker Pelosi what do you have to say?"

    "Did you ever see the movie 'The Day After Tomorrow'?"

    "Good point. I believe this proves global warming is, in fact, a crisis. Perhaps, just perhaps, Al Gore will jump in his plane and fly around the world as many times as it takes for him to come up with a solution. Until then, we need to raise taxes and impeach Bush. These hearings are closed."

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