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    November 03, 2006

    Where are they now?

    Somewhere in a super secret liberal bunker in a Taliban controlled mountain of Afghanistan…

    “So when do we come out of hiding Nancy?”

    “That’s Speaker to you Harry, and it will have to be after the 7th now. What with Kerry opening his big horse mouth about our hatred of the troops. I knew we should have drugged him and brought him here until after the election”

    “But he only said what all of us believe about the troops.”

    Nancy quickly slapped him across the face, “Dammit Harry. How many times do I have to tell you. We cannot let the people know our true plans.” Harry slid further back into the cave, whimpering and hoping their neighbors, the nice folks with the long beards named Obama – Osama – Alabama, something like that, would arrive, at least Nancy didn’t hit him when they where around.

    Meanwhile back in the states…

    “You have been a very bad boy John! How many times have I told you to follow the script the UN gives you? When I found you, you where nothing but an anti-American hippie, and I…I almost made you president. You know how many packets of ketchup a presidency costs?”

    John stamped his foot 3 times at Theresa. “Why do I even bother?” Theresa took John and led him to his closet until after the elections.

    Meanwhile at the Kennedy compound…

    The bottles where talking to him again. But even worse he had started talking back to them.

    “It’s OK, Teddy. We don’t need those Russian spies anyways”, said the bottle of Stoli in his right hand.

    “No, we can rule everything once you allow the immigrants two votes for every one those republicans get”, replied the bottle of Cuervo.

    “I know, I know guys.” Teddy slowly and lovingly brought both bottles to his mouth and drank deeply of their liquid warmth. “I love you guys so much.”

    “We love you too”, both bottles said in unison.

    “You know what you need,” said the half empty bottle of Tanqueray on the table next to him, “A nice long drive.”

    “That’s a great idea”, replied the Dewar’s, “I know where you black book is, maybe we can invite a girl along.”

    “Can we drive across bridges?”, asked Teddy starting to get excited now.

    To be continued...

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